But no like really, that is what I said…

We all have been there, stuck in that rut and left feeling that disconnect between where we are and where we want to be. Sitting and asking ourselves ‘how did we get here?’ My personal favorite, ‘where did the time go?’ I mean like seriously, I feel like I lost the second half of my 20’s.


Well friends, there are so many cliché things I could say to try to sugar coat this, like, ‘life is too short’ or ‘YOLO.’  Are people even saying that anymore?! LOL.


Anyway–in the spirit of being real let me just say that those sayings help us band-aid feelings. [And of course, make amazing Instagram captions, no shame there]!  We have come to know that covering up our feelings is just not a good thing, shoving them down in the vault with some unknown expiration date where they will pop back up ‘ripe’ and be ready to be felt in all of their glorious pain.


I get it 100%, as humans we are wired to want comfort, predictability & stability. Staying in that feels so great in the moment. However, when we choose to participate in that dynamic we compromise who we are, what we want & where we want to be. We wake up and realize that time and life has passed by without us actively participating or actively choosing. What I’m saying is that when we take the time to ask ourselves ‘what do I really want to do/try/experience?’  We protect ourselves from our worst enemy, ourselves; Our limiting self beliefs, our limiting mindsets, our negative self talk. We say “not today brain” and we purposely do not autopilot. We purposely choose to stretch ourselves in a way that is a little less comfortable.


So today, if you have the chance to take a small step towards something YOU want and it feels uncomfortable,  GOOD,  that’s how it should feel. I hope you choose YOU today and I hope YOU go for it!