For those of you who know me.
I hate this word.

I have always thought it was cringe. Often used incorrectly as a word to label independent & fire women. Word used to shame a woman who portrays those qualities. I can’t tell you the number of times people have called me a bitch. Like that’s the best you’ve got?!


I couldn’t help my cringe when I first saw this product. Then I did a little more research and learned this product represents & stands for a few things I wholeheartedly value:


#1 more education, awareness and support is needed for survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault.

#2 this word inflicts shame. having it on a product can soothe, spread awareness and help to appropriate this word that carries too much pain.


Be a part of the change. Normalize. Validate. For yourself. For your sisters. For your mom. For your daughter. For your friends. For any woman in your life. It’s a call to action.

We need this. I need this.

New to the shop & I couldn’t be more excited to support this cause.

[bitchstix donates to retailer nominated non-profit organizations that support survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault]


If you or anyone you know are victims of sexual assault or domestic violence please encourage them to reach out to RAINN for support & resources.