Woo girl. We made it. It’s FINALLY Friday…
Or as I love calling it Fri-YAY!Certain weeks breeze by like it ain’t no thing. While other weeks, Tuesday just feels like it should be Friday already. I always find it so interesting how certain weeks just “take more” out of me than other weeks. Sometimes, I notice it has to do with an imbalance of too much work and not enough other good stuff. Other times, I think it just is what it is. And other weeks it’s a mix of somewhere in between.

While, I haven’t always had the best track record of asking myself “what do I need?” AND actually following through [I mean let’s face it; retraining our brains is always a work in progress]. Persistence is key. This Friday, I am asking myself, “what do I need to feel filled back up?” AND “how am I going to make that happen?”

Yes. This might feel super uncomfortable. Follow through anyway. We have to model what we deserve and respect.
You deserve to show up for you at your best. 100%.